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Patient Lee Tomlinson
Patient Lee Tomlinson


The life mission of “Patient Lee” is to inspire healthcare professionals to return compassionate care to its rightful place at the forefront of modern healthcare — to benefit patients, their families, the bottom line; and perhaps most importantly, their often suffering, “burned-out” selves.

Finding this mission wasn’t even remotely easy.

Award-winning television producer, movie studio executive and owner, former professional athlete, and TED Talk speaker, “Patient Lee” is alive today due to the combination of a lifetime of extraordinarily effective medical treatment and deeply kind, compassionate care.

Unfortunately, during a recent battle with Stage 3+ throat cancer, “Patient Lee” became painfully aware of the trauma caused by treatment lacking in compassion that drove him to the darkest of depths. What saved him from this bout with depression was a tiny, simple, yet powerful act of compassion delivered by a loving doctor and friend.

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