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Stephen Swensen, MD, MMM
Stephen Swensen, MD, MMM

Senior Fellow, IHI; Former CQO and Director of Leadership and Organization Development, Mayo Clinic; Professor, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science

Dr. Swensen is dedicated to the development of thoughtful leaders who aspire to  nurture fulfillment and well-being of their colleagues for world-class patient care.  He delivers a message of hope with validated solutions. Stephen is a recognized  expert, researcher, and speaker in the disciplines of healthcare leadership,  organizational development, and professional burnout. His most recent book  features an evidence-based blueprint for success (Mayo Clinic Strategies to Reduce  Burnout - 12 Actions to Create the Ideal Workplace). For 35 years he served patients  at the Mayo Clinic. 

As Director  for Leadership and Organization  Development, he co-led the  Professional Fulfilment Initiative and oversaw the development  of 4,100 physicians and 232  key leaders. As Chief Quality  Officer, he established the  Quality Academy wherein  37,000 colleagues were  certified as Fellows during his  tenure. As Department Chair,  he and his team used their  Value Creation System to  improve the welfare of both  patients and professionals. Dr. Swensen is a Senior Fellow  of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, where his focus is Joy in Work. A full professor, he was Principal Investigator of two National Institutes of Health  grants and has authored three books and 207 articles. He was honored with the  Diamond Lifetime Achievement Award, served as the president of two international  societies and founded the Big Sky Group. He holds a Masters of Medical  Management degree from Carnegie Mellon University

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