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Rebecca Love, RN
Rebecca Love, RN

Chief Clinical Officer, IntelyCare

As CCO, Rebecca acts as a company evangelist for nursing professionals, giving them a louder voice by identifying the issues they face and advocating for ways to overcome them. She also oversees clinical operations and compliance. The founder of, Rebecca is regarded as a pioneer in developing technology solutions that benefit nursing professionals. She is also one of the country’s most prominent advocates for nurses, with her 2018 TEDx Talk marking the first address by a nurse to be featured on the main platform. 

Rebecca’s passion has always centered around ways to empower the nursing profession, with the aim of building, scaling, and strengthening nursing’s impact on the future of healthcare. She is President of the Society of Nurse Scientists, Innovators, Entrepreneurs & Leaders (SONSIEL), started the nation’s first nurse innovation and entrepreneurship program at the School of Nursing at Northeastern University, and is the co-author of two internationally best-selling books.

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