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Steven Forti
Steven Forti

Chief Wellness and Resiliency Officer, Hospital for Special Surgery

Steven was a consultant for Johnson & Johnson’s Orthopedic Trauma Division, where he utilized eight years of Critical Care and Trauma Nursing experience. In the military, he earned the rank of Master Sergeant while serving over 23 years in Army Special Forces, where his specialties included Special Forces Weapons Sergeant and Special Forces Intel Sergeant. He is a Level 1 Sniper, and attended Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab at DIA as well as the Special Operations Planners Course in Norfolk VA. Steve earned a BS in Nursing from Quinnipiac University, completed a Critical Care Residency at Yale New Haven Hospital Systems, and holds a BS from Southern Connecticut State University.

In March of 2020 he was asked to join the amazing team at the hospital for special surgery as the chief of staff for crisis management, as they transformed the entire hospital in to a covid treatment center to do their part in the fight to save lives during the height of the covid crisis.

As the crisis ebbed he was asked to join the leadership team there as the chief wellness and resiliency officer.

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