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Cecilia Cruz, MD, MPH, FACEP, CPCC, ACC, Founder and CEO, Marpe, LLC
Cecilia Cruz, MD, MPH, FACEP, CPCC, ACC, Founder and CEO, Marpe, LLC

Dr. Cecilia Cruz is the founder and CEO of MARPE, LLC, a Co-active Mental fitness coaching company for physicians. MARPE provides physicians and other healthcare workers with the tools they need to define their best pathway to career joy and satisfaction, to be transformational leaders, to successfully adapt to the changing world of medicine, and to consistently generate positively impactful interactions. This is accomplished through group, team and individual programs with different areas of focus, but all built upon the foundation of mental fitness.

Dr. Cruz founded MARPE after more than 20 years of clinical practice as an Emergency Medicine Physician. She has worked in both large academic centers, as well as community hospitals. She had the privilege of serving as Co-Chair of Quality for the Division of Emergency Medicine for a large health system and worked along other leaders on the Hospital Quality Committee. These experiences have given Dr. Cruz an in-depth understanding of the challenges physicians and the healthcare system at large are currently facing. It is with these challenges in mind that she created MARPE.

Dr. Cruz is passionate about building connection and believes that connection is the answer to most of the ailments in healthcare today. She spoke about this in her TEDx talk, Connection: The Antidote to Physician Burnout and Attrition.

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