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Michelle W. Chestovich, MD, Family Physician
Michelle W. Chestovich, MD, Family Physician

Family Physician

Michelle Chestovich, MD is a family physician, certified life coach and mom of four.  Her passion for physician wellness has recently been amplified by the unexpected death by suicide of her younger sister, Dr Gretchen Butler in March 2021.  She is using her voice to raise awareness about the high risk of suicide in medicine, in particular for women. She loves encouraging organizations to find more effective solutions to burnout in medicine.  And while the culture of medicine must indeed change, she loves empowering physicians to take care of their needs and mental health through coaching.

You can catch her on her weekly podcast , Re-Mind Yourself, where she shares tips for physician moms who are trying to find more balance in their lives; She loves helping other physician moms realize that life doesn’t need to be so hard and that they can enjoy this life they have worked so hard to create.

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