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Brian Case, Certified Financial Planner ™
Brian Case, Certified Financial Planner ™

Certified Financial Planner ™

Brian began his financial services career in 1995 as a junior advisor in a firm endorsed by the Hartford Medical Society. In his role, he spent many hours in local hospitals educating Residents and Fellows on personal financial planning basics. He helped them understand financial terms and concepts they would need to successfully navigate their financial journey. He helped them understand budgeting, prioritize retirement savings and make prudent disability and life insurance decisions.

Today, Brian is an advocate for his personal clients who are served by the professional team at Apollon Wealth Management. He works with the leadership and advisor teams to help them meet the unique needs of physicians and their families. He aims to provide awareness and personal financial planning education to support healthcare professionals in navigating their careers in a balanced and fulfilling manner.

Brian lives in Connecticut with his wife who is a mid-career Ob/Gyn. This makes him acutely aware of the challenges faced by a physician family - only made more formidable by raising three boys. He loves the outdoors, being a cyclist, playing hockey and skiing back-country in Utah.

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