Monday, January 24, 2021


8:00 am
Registration and Coffee

8:30 am – 10:00 am  Choose Between Two Interactive, Hands-On Workshops

Workshop A – TBA

Workshop B –
Gender Equity

Kellie Lease Stecher, MD, OBGYN, Co-Founder & President, Patient Care Heroes

Ben Miller, President, Wellbeing Trust

10:15 am – 11:45 am  
Choose Between Two Interactive, Hands-On Workshops

Workshop C – 
Becoming a Transformational Leader – The Key to Creating a Culture of Well-Being​
Paul Dechant, CEO/Principal, Paul DeChant, MD, MBA, LLC
Michael O’Brien, President & CEO, O'Brien Group


  • What is the impact of your leadership approach on your organizational?

  • How does this impact burnout for frontline clinicians?

  • What does it take to build an organizational ethic, a culture of resilience?

Many healthcare provider organizations are familiar with the Stanford WellMD Professional Fulfillment Model that enhances personal resilience, efficiency of practice, and a culture of wellness.

And forward-thinking healthcare organizations are already:

  • standing up clinician support services to enhance personal resilience, and

  • implementing process improvement approaches to remove redundancy, errors, and waste from clinical workflows, thus improving efficiency of practice.


But few leaders have demonstrated the same level of commitment to their own personal change that is needed to transform their corporate culture into a culture of wellness.

Leaders who deeply engage in this personal work have the opportunity to create organizational well-being – in which frontline clinicians are aligned and empowered to rapidly solve problems and adapt to the onslaught of changes impacting clinical workplaces.

Such leaders create a culture of psychological safety AND high-performance expectation, recognizing that dysfunctional systems, not individuals lacking motivation and intelligence, need to improve in order to manage rapid change in our current healthcare environment.

This interactive, pre-conference workshop will guide you in:

  • Distinguishing the executive practices that can mitigate burnout and promote the inherent resilience clinicians bring to the profession

  • Developing your leadership skills and implementing the management systems that together empower a cultural transformation to organizational well-being.

  • Advancing a plan to implement a management approach with your team that mitigates the drivers of burnout and aligns clinicians with enterprise-wide success while empowering them to identify and solve problems in real time

  • Using the Executive Organizational Resilience Inventory, identify your own personal, and your organization’s, barriers to transformational change

Workshop D –