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New York, NY – [August 29, 2023] SafeHaven™ and ICD Media Group (ICD) are thrilled to announce that SafeHaven will be the exclusive sponsor of the opening night networking reception at the fifth edition of The Healthcare Burnout Symposium ( on November 2nd in New York, NY.

SafeHaven™ was founded in 2020 after recognizing a greater need to provide healthcare teams the support they need to stay well and prevent burnout. The Opening Night Reception will kick off the Fifth Edition of The Healthcare Burnout Symposium by welcoming all conference delegates with food, beverages, and networking.

"ICD admires the work SafeHaven is doing to address burnout in the healthcare workforce. SafeHaven's services are helping healthcare professionals prevent and recover from burnout and thrive in their professions and lives. We are proud to partner with SafeHaven to help make a difference in the lives of healthcare workers, says Bill Doherty, ICD Media Group President"

The Medical Society of Virginia (MSV) launched SafeHaven to support state medical societies and similar organizations whose states have legislation—either planned or in place— offering safety protections to clinicians who seek mental health support. The SafeHaven program includes a comprehensive suite of resources designed specifically for physicians to help mitigate the effects of stress and burnout and allow for better work/life integration.

"SafeHaven is proud to sponsor the opening night reception for ICD's Healthcare Burnout Symposium. We admire what ICD is doing to raise awareness of burnout in the healthcare workforce, and we believe this symposium is an important opportunity to bring together stakeholders from across the healthcare industry to make an impact on this critical issue. The reception will be a great opportunity for attendees to network, learn from each other, and strategize about how to make a difference in the fight against healthcare worker burnout. We look forward to seeing you there!", says Melina Davis, CEO and EVP of the Medical Society of Virginia.

As countless studies have shown, healthcare burnout was rampant long before March 2020; the COVID-19 pandemic only made it worse. With ever-rising staff shortages and crushing workloads for the workers who stay, healthcare organizations have no choice but to act. The Healthcare Burnout Symposium brings together leaders from across the country to address the multiple facets of burnout – such as increasing time constraints, technology barriers, and government regulations – and offers actionable insights and evidence-based solutions to promote well-being across healthcare ecosystems.

The Healthcare Burnout Symposium is part of a suite of signature healthcare conferences ICD hosts each year, working to make positive changes in healthcare. In its 5th edition, the Healthcare Burnout Symposium will be held at NYU Langone’s Murphy Auditorium in New York City Nov 2-3, with the opportunity to attend pre-conference workshops on November 1st. Hospital leadership, physicians, nurses, and all professionals affected by burnout are encouraged to attend. Head to for more information.

About SafeHaven

SafeHaven™ was founded in 2020 after recognizing a greater need to provide physicians and PAs the support they need to stay well and prevent burnout. As of 2021, the SafeHaven™ resources have been expanded to include nurses and pharmacists; as well as medical, nursing, PA, and pharmacy students. To learn more about this program, visit

About ICD Media Group:

ICD is a leading education and content company that curates best practices in the healthcare sector by presenting conference themes that are of utmost importance to healthcare trailblazers and disseminates a diverse array of pioneering insights through the ICD Healthcare Network's learning platform, accessible at

ICD is committed to providing the healthcare community with the resources they need to stay ahead of the curve. We are passionate about bringing together the brightest minds in healthcare to share ideas, learn from each other, and create a better future for patients and caregivers.

Contact: Bill Doherty, President,

Visit for more information



ANNOUNCE A NEW PARTNERSHIP TO ADDRESS THE HEALTHCARE BURNOUT CRISIS NEW YORK, NY – ICDevents announces a new partnership with KLAS Research, and The Healthcare Burnout Symposium, to address the burnout crisis and increase the well-being of physicians, nurses, and administrators.

The Healthcare Burnout Symposium will convene at the NY Academy of Medicine, New York, NY, on June 23-24, 2022, to address clinician burnout. Physician and Nurse Leader burnout is a public health crisis that demands action across the entire healthcare ecosystem. Burnout affects not only clinicians, but also the patients they serve. At the Healthcare Burnout Symposium, thought leaders and stakeholders will be gathered from around the country to address the multiple facets of burnout, such as time constraints, technology, and regulations, and gain actionable solutions to implement with health systems.

KLAS Research is passionate about providing data and solutions from their research on how to address the burnout problem they are seeing in healthcare today. Lauren Manzione, a highly respected project analyst at KLAS Research will present how to improve clinician turnover, burnout, and how improving the EHR experience can help. This presentation and all recorded sessions from the Healthcare Burnout Symposium will be available on the ICD Healthcare Network.

At the beginning of 2020, KLAS began surveying clinicians in their Arch Collaborative regarding how likely they are to leave their organization in the next two years. Using this data from over 59,000 clinicians, Klas hopes to shed light on which clinicians are likely to depart and what factors healthcare organizations can influence to improve clinician retention and resolve clinicians’ concerns. This new partnership between the Healthcare Burnout Symposium and KLAS Research will help provide answers to the current burnout crisis. See these solutions and answers at the Healthcare Burnout Symposium in New York, NY on June 23-24, 2022.

“As a major force in the healthcare content business, we are delighted to combine forces with a powerhouse in the healthcare insight and data with a goal of preventing burnout and maintaining wellness on the front lines” said Bill Doherty, ICD Events President and Conference Director. To see the full agenda and list of the distinguished faculty, visit

About International Conference Development: ICDevents’ Healthcare Conference Series curates the best practices in the healthcare industry and covers top-of-mind topics. ICDevents offer high-quality conferences and tradeshows in a broad range of industries. Utilizing intensive, detailed market research, developing targeted events designed to encourage companies to send their entire teams to problem-solve, network, and brainstorm with other industry leaders, consultants, and suppliers. Visit for more information.

  • Bill Doherty


This newsletter comes to you at an interesting moment in clinical burnout given the lingering effects of the pandemic, coupled with stressors that preceded it stemming from technology, enterprise culture, and broader workforce challenges.

It also gives you a preview of some of the deeper themes that will be presented in the upcoming Healthcare Burnout Symposium in New York City on June 23-24.

As you will see in our first piece below, this burnout epidemic has received national attention with the announcement where United States Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy issued a new Surgeon General’s Advisory highlighting the urgent need to address the health worker burnout crisis across the country.

NEWS ALERT: New Surgeon General Advisory Sounds Alarm on Health Worker Burnout and Resignation

Dr. Vivek Murthy Headshot

During Mental Health Awareness Month, Surgeon General’s Advisory Highlights the Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Health Workers, Who Already Faced Crisis Levels of Burnout Prior to the Pandemic.


Dr. Vivek Murthy Headshot

Paul DeChant, MD, MBA - Author, speaker, consultant, and recognized expert on clinician burnout

Burnout expert Dr. Paul DeChant espouses that control is the second driver of burnout. There are many ways in which physicians experience lack of control. As you will read in this piece, many of these are outside of a front-line physician’s span of control, such as regulatory requirements, choice of EHR, etc. DeChant refers to these as “pebbles in the shoe” that can only be relieved by creative problem solving like the daily huddle. (By now almost everyone is aware that a huddle is a brief, stand-up meeting of the team working together in an office or on a unit.)

The burnout producing problems that are addressed in the huddle are there because someone on the team identified the problem, and rather than simply putting up with it, they put it on the huddle board to be reviewed the next day. Read on to explore how you might be able to institute the huddle strategy for burnout prevention.

Blog: Regaining Control and Preventing Burnout through Huddles


Christina Maslach, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Emerita; Professor of the Graduate School, University of California, Berkeley

Burnout poses a major challenge for health care. It is the result of mismatches between the workplace and the worker, in six critical areas. Innovative answers to this challenge need to modify this job-person relationship by managing the chronic job conditions in these areas, so that people can work smarter rather than just harder.

Video: Take On Burnout Where You Are


J. Corey Feist, JD, MBA, Co-Founder, Dr. Lorna Breen Heroes’ Foundation

J. Corey Feist, JD, MBA is a health care executive with over 20 years of experience. Corey is the Co-Founder of the Dr. Lorna Breen Heroes’ Foundation and Corey recently served as the Chief Executive Officer of the University of Virginia Physicians Group, the medical group practice of UVA Health comprised of 1200+ physicians and advanced practice providers. Corey has authored numerous publications on the need to support the well-being of the healthcare workforce.

The Dr. Lorna Breen Health Care Provider Protection Act:

  • Establishes grants for training health profession students, residents, or health care professionals in evidence-informed strategies to reduce and prevent suicide, burnout, mental health conditions, and substance use disorders. The grants would also help improve health care professionals’ well-being and job satisfaction.

  • Seeks to identify and disseminate evidence-informed best practices for reducing and preventing suicide and burnout among health care professionals, training health care professionals in appropriate strategies, and promoting their mental and behavioral health and job satisfaction.

  • Establishes a national evidence-based education and awareness campaign targeting health care professionals to encourage them to seek support and treatment for mental and behavioral health concerns.

  • Establishes grants for employee education, peer-support programming, and mental and behavioral health treatment; health care providers in current or former COVID-19 hotspots will be prioritized.

  • Establishes a comprehensive study on health care professional mental and behavioral health and burnout, including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on such professionals’ health.

Video: Meet Corey Feist, championing legislation for healthcare workers’ mental health | Meet a Participant


Fact Sheet: 10 Facts About Physician Suicide And Mental Health


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Read this free whitepaper to learn how Brigham and Women's Hospital used Digital Whiteboards from E Ink and our partners to help with their patient communication.

Whitepaper: The Digital Whiteboard: A Sign of Improved Patient Comfort and Satisfaction


Upcoming ICD Healthcare Network Series

Patient Experience Symposium – Boston – September 19-21, 2022

ICD Events is proud to be a part of the solution for this growing crisis with our Healthcare Burnout Symposium. The symposium will provide answers and solutions for healthcare leadership, management, and clinicians affected by the burnout crisis.

We encourage all those interested to reach out to us if you have any questions or would like to learn more about the symposium.

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