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Join healthcare leaders from around the country who address the multiple facets of the burnout crisis and share how to increase the well-being of our physicians, nurses, and administrators.
  • Understand the far-reaching consequences of burnout

  • Discover strategies for burnout prevention and mitigation

  • Learn how to identify burnout in yourself and others

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Physician and Nurse Leader burnout is a public health crisis that demands action across the entire healthcare ecosystem. Burnout not only affects clinicians, but also the patients they serve. At the Healthcare Burnout Symposium, we will gather thought leaders and stakeholders to address the multiple facets of burnout, such as time constraints, technology, and regulations, and will gain actionable solutions to implement within your health system. 


In conjunction with the Sharp Index, a nonprofit dedicated to improving physician well-being, the Healthcare Burnout Symposium will present healthcare technology and suicide prevention experts to share different voices about how to address and reduce burnout and restore joy in practicing medicine.

Paul DeChant
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Paul DeChant, MD, MBA

Conference Co-Chair

Paul DeChant, MD, MBA is an internationally recognized expert on clinician burnout. He speaks from his unique combined experience as a family physician, medical group CEO, and consultant to C-level leaders on reducing burnout while building the bottom line.


While CEO of the Sutter Gould Medical Foundation, it achieved the highest rating of 170 medical groups in California two years in a row, and improved provider satisfaction from p45 to p87 in the AMGA Provider Satisfaction Survey. He co-authored, “Preventing Physician Burnout: Curing the Chaos and Returning Joy to the Practice of Medicine”, speaks frequently, and blogs regularly at


If you are a physician, nurse leader, healthcare executive, chief wellness officer, or healthcare professional affected by burnout, you don’t want to miss this groundbreaking symposium.


Executives, Vice Presidents, and Directors of:


  • Clinical

  • Experience

  • Financial

  • Human Resources

  • Informatics

  • Information/Technology

  • Innovation

  • Medical

  • Nursing

  • Operations

  • Physicians

  • Quality

  • Wellness

  • Learn how to productively and proactively discuss the factors that drive burnout

  • Understand technology’s impact on clinician well-being

  • Evaluate the potential of team-based care to share workloads and reduce burnout

  • Reduce secondary trauma and suicide risk among clinical staff

From the Experts

You’ll hear from the organizations, executives, thought leaders and trailblazers who are hitting the burnout epidemic head-on. Take away actionable strategies to reduce clinical burnout within your organization.

Second to None
Doctor Teaching on Seminar

Attend workshops to take a deeper dive into how you can improve burnout using technology. The main conference cover topics like technology, organizational design, culture, regulatory considerations, and much more.

Meet the
Best of the Best
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The 2nd Annual Sharp Index Awards  Learn what technologies are helping address burnout and who are the movers and shakers making a difference.

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